Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lightpath Promo Trailer

Music to my ears

No longer must you play Lightpath in silence, as the latest update adds sound effects and music.

The music track is called "Hypnothis" and was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod. Kevin is a professional and prolific composer who chooses to make the majority of his music freely available under the creative commons license, and what a great guy he is for doing so! Drop by his site at where you will find countless musical works covering almost every conceivable genre.

Sound effects were obtained from and - two more fantastic sources of royalty-free audio.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Puzzles!

So how is everyone getting on with Lightpath? I know at least a few people have already completed all 60 puzzles. Very impressive!

But who will be the first to complete 80 puzzles? Yes that's right. The latest update, available now on Google Play, brings an extra 20 puzzles all for free.

And with the new puzzles come new achievements and the opportunity to increase your score on the global Lightpath leaderboard.

Happy puzzling!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

OpenFeint support brings achievements and leaderboards to Lightpath

That little green leaf addition to Lightpath's logo tells you that the game is now OpenFeint-enabled, bringing with it support for achievements and leaderboards.

Now you can compare scores with friends and other players across the world on the leaderboard, and earn achievements for progressing through the game or demonstrating super skills. The current achievements are listed below, with more to follow in future updates.

Don't worry if you are some way through the game already, as all achievements and leaderboard scores will be applied retrospectively once you update and continue playing.

The version 1.02 update is now live on Google play.

Starting out
Completed the first tutorial
On target
Solved a puzzle with 3 stars
Beat a target time by at least 5 seconds
Light speed
Beat a target time by at least 10 seconds
Star Collector 1
Earned a total of 10 stars
Star Collector 2
Earned a total of 25 stars
Star Collector 3
Earned a total of 50 stars
Star Collector 4
Earned a total of 100 stars
Star Collector 5
Earned a total of 150 stars
Completionist 1
Solved every puzzle on Easy
Completionist 2
Solved every puzzle on Medium
Completionist 3
Solved every puzzle on Tricky
Perfectionist 1
Solved every puzzle on Easy with 3 stars
Perfectionist 2
Solved every puzzle on Medium with 3 stars
Perfectionist 3
Solved every puzzle on Tricky with 3 stars

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lightpath Free now available!

Yay! Lightpath Free for Android is now available as a free download from the Android Market.

This is the first official release for Lightpath, the fun and addictive puzzle game from threeshinyrobots. If you enjoy playing it, please leave some positive feedback on the product page and share it with your friends!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta testing. I received a lot of really useful feedback which helped me to make some great improvements to the final game. Special thanks go to Geoff and Jawad who helped out a lot with bug reports and suggestions.

If you have been playing the beta version, please upgrade now to Lightpath Free to ensure that you continue to receive updates. The first time you launch Lightpath Free, it will import your save data from the beta version. After this, you can safely uninstall the beta.

Watch out for the premium edition which will be appearing soon with 40 additional puzzles!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Lightpath Beta update

An update to Lightpath Beta is now live on Android Market.

This update includes a redesigned touch interface which I hope will lead to easier and more intuitive play. These changes were made as a direct result of feedback from beta testers, so a huge thank you to those people who have helped to make the game better!

Some players reported problems of running out of screen space during a large rotation gesture, and also that their fingers would get in the way of the screen, covering up the very object they were trying to interact with.

Now, rotations can be made using as many gestures as you like, allowing you to reposition your finger if you run out of space or need a better view of the play area.

As for moving objects (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll need to unlock the "Tricky" set of puzzles to find out!), the drag gesture that was used previously almost guaranteed that your finger would be in the way of the part of the screen you needed to see. So movement has now been changed to a simple tap-tap operation. Tap once to select an object, then tap on a suitable empty cell to move the object.

So long as an object remains selected, any number of interactions will count as a single move. This includes both rotations and movements, which previously would always have counted as two separate moves. Some of the move targets have been adjusted to reflect this. Don't worry though, if you have already earned a move target star under the old system, you won't lose it if the target changes.

The tutorials have been updated for the new control system, so you may wish to revisit them.

Try it out and see what you think!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lightpath Beta is now available

We are happy to announce that Lightpath, the first Android game from threeshinyrobots, is nearing completion.

The beta version is currently available here.

Lightpath is a cool and fun puzzle game involving lasers and mirrors, with dozens of levels providing hours of entertainment and a good brain workout.

The concept is simple - to solve each puzzle you must illuminate all the photocells by directing the laser light using mirrors - and indeed the early puzzles should not prove too taxing, especially with the animated tutorials to guide you. But don't expect to give your brain too much of a rest, as the difficulty will gradually and continuously increase and the later puzzles will seriously test your problem-solving ability.

And if you can beat the challenge of solving each level, you can keep on playing to try to improve on your time and moves scores, and earn stars by achieving the targets for each puzzle.

Lightpath is currently in beta phase, which means that it is just having its final bit of tweaking and polish based on player feedback. If you would like a sneak preview of the game as well as the opportunity to contribute feedback to help improve the final product, please download the beta version from the Android Market here. Any suggestions or feedback can be submitted via the "Email Developer" link on that page, or via this blog. Also, in the (hopefully) unlikely event that you encounter a crash, please choose the option on your device to send a crash report.

The final version is due for release soon, with both a free edition featuring similar content to the beta, and a premium edition with many additional puzzles and no ads.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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